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In Multi-Sprint, players control multiple runners hurdling obstacles and collecting coins, much like students have to handle multiple "sprints" in their separate classes. This game is made to help players work on coordination as well as time management, if your runners don't make it to the checkpoint in time they lose the opportunity to collect coins. Players can control their sprinters separately as well as toggle them on and off in order to focus on the other sprinters.

I hope you have a good time with this simple, yet difficult game!

This game came to me in my Game Design Capstone at UCCS. I had one semester to create a whole game from scratch by myself. I spent 3/4 of the year creating a game I titled Tetra-Ga, but Tetra-Ga had way too broad of a scope to finish in a semester. I then pivoted to this simple yet fun game in the last few months I had. 

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded folder and double click the .EXE file to run.


Multi-Sprint.zip 12 MB

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